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Envato elements Review | Digital Assets for your creative work

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No matter if you are a digital content creator like a web designer or programmer or you are creating a WordPress web page. For your blog or affiliate marketing page, maybe using the easy drag & drop Elementor Page Builder Plugin, you will certainly want to boost your creation with some amazing assets.

You would most likely start searching the web for stunning graphics, video or audio files. Maybe also looking for ready to use web page templates or blocks, which can get you started quickly so you don’t have to start from scratch. But very often you will end up with registering or subscribing to one or more services, which provide the content you need. If you have already done that, you can’t deny the fact, that it’s quite annoying to browse multiple services before you find the suitable assets. Not to mention, that you might need to pay for the subscription of each service and additionally for the file you need.

But what if there is a service, which has already everything you need? A huge library, from which you can get graphics, videos or other kind of resources with a single subscription and unlimited downloads?
This means you pay one service and get a whole library of files to choose from, and everything under the same commercial license. This is where Envato Elements comes in!

Envato Elements: The amazing all-in-one asset library

Envato Elements is a digital asset library that doesn’t only come as a WP Plugin with some free and paid templates and blocks. It provides you access to Envato’s library (upon subscription) of over 1M+ assets. There you can find Video Templates, Stock Videos, Music, Sound Effects, Graphic Templates, Graphics, Fonts, Add-ons, Photos, 3D, WordPress Themes, CMS Templates and Web Templates. Simply everything you need to create and boost your website or creative project and each with the same and single commercial license. 

You might have already come across some Envato services. Maybe using them without knowing that it is an Envato service like themeforest.net or codecanyon.net.

How to get access to Envato library from within WordPress

If you are using WordPress, then I have good news for you. Envato Elements can be made accessible from within WordPress via Plugin. It integrates into your Media Library of your WordPress installation. 

What I really appreciate is, that the Plugin gives you an additional feature: The possibility that you can download and add templates and other assets for Elementor Page Builder or Beaver Builder, right from the page editor (of course you need to have Elementor or Beaver installed as a Plugin; you can check out both for free).

After installing and activating the plugin over the WordPress marketplace, you have to enable it (WordPress dashboard ⇾ Elements) by providing your email address and accepting their terms of service.
As soon as you get access to the library, you can start using free Envato templates and blocks within your pages. 

You have decided to choose the paid version? In this case, after subscribing Envato Elements via their homepage, you will get a license code which you can enter in Elements ⇾ Settings located in your WordPress dashboard for activating. That’s it. Now you can easily access to their huge library and start your creative work. I must say that I was truly impressed by the wide range of the different asset files. Really great!

Easy to use in Elementor Page Builder

envato elements iconFor every new section in Elementor you can now additionally add Envato content by clicking on the green Envato Elements icon.

If you want to use an Envato photo inside an Elementor widget, like the Image-widget, you can do this via the new tab “Envato Elements” in your default WordPress “Insert Media”-Dialog.

Check out for free or subscribe for more assets

Feel free to check out the free version of this plugin first. But especially if you are going to use assets in commercial projects and you need to get access to a whole range of digital assets we recommend subscribing to unleash the full power of Envato Elements!

Envato Elements Review - The final rating

“Great Digital Asset Library for all creative works including an easy access within WordPress”

Digital assets


Easy to use


WordPress compability


Features for Elementor Plugin users


Customer Service


I hope I could give you some helpful information and facts about Envato Elements.

“Please keep in mind that all information published in this review is assembled with care, for general information purposes only and presents my own personal opinion.” Disclaimer

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