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Elementor review | Amazing Word Press Page Builder

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Elementor Page Builder is a powerful WordPress Plugin launched in 2016. Since then it has attracted a huge and rapidly growing number of users. At present it counts over 5 million active installations and has an impressive 4.8 star average rating according to wordpress.org. Significant numbers, which persuaded me to get to the bottom of this in this Elementor Review.

So what are the things, that impress so many users. Let’s take a look.

Elementor - The all-in-one solution

The Elementor Page Builder has been developed to make creating web pages in WordPress much easier, more flexible, faster and with no knowledge of coding. The last-mentioned fact will please all who want to build their web page or blog on their own without the costly help of a programmer.

Elementor provides an All-in-one solution where you can build a whole web page from scratch. With its Theme builder feature you can create pages divided into different sections like header, footer, landing and site pages.

For professional programmers & web designers just the sky’s the limit since they can enrich the functionalities of Elementor by using HTML/CSS-coding.

Elementor comes in two versions:

  • the Elementor free version, which even for free, offers a great number of widgets and functionalities, and
  • the Elementor Pro version, which grants you access to all available widgets, an advanced library with great templates and blocks, a huge range of Pro features like the Theme Builder and Pop up Builder as well as access to Pro updates and a 24/7 support.

Let’s talk about the key features to understand what Elementor really offers.

Front-end Page Builder

Elementor is created as an easy-to-use Front-end Page Builder, which works after the principle “what you see is what you get”. This means, that you can see at any point of creating and adding e.g. a text or image to your web page, how it looks like. Thereby you can make changes and improvements until you are completely satisfied with it. Even if you are not a programmer and you don’t have any “and I really mean any” knowledge of coding, with Elementor you are able to create stunning websites as well as change and maintain them by yourself.

Easy to use drag and drop Editor

All widgets can be placed easily by drag and drop on your web page design, edited and copied. This way you can build up a web page very fast from scratch and with various layout options (full page, half page or two, three and more columns etc.). You can choose the structure depending on how you would like to have your site look like.


In the free version of Elementor you will find the most common widgets like headings, text, graphics,  videos and similar.

They allow you to easily implement content to your web page design and adjust it to your needs (like position, size, font type, color etc.). 

The Elementor Pro version comes with a huge range of widgets which by now counts over 90. It includes even special ones for blog posts, contact forms, pop-ups etc.. Here the Elementor team is very ambitious by adding constantly new ones, offering everything you need to make it as simple as possible for you.

Templates and blocks

You don’t want to start your web design from scratch or you want to go on faster? Then take a look in the Elementor library. There you can find, even in the free version, a wide range of templates for landing pages as well as for blocks. You can import them easily into your web page design and adjust them to your needs.

The Elementor Pro version offers over 300+ designer made templates. It includes multi-page templates for various industry fields and templates for headers and footers. And…what I really appreciate: you can also find templates for pop-ups and 404 pages…simply everything you need to create a stunning website.

Once you have created your own web page design or some part of it, you can save your creation as a template too. Later you can use it to easily create additional web pages as well as for your future projects.

You have not enough templates for your needs? Then you can install the free Envato Elements Plugin and get additional themes and blocks especially designed for Elementor. It’s provided also as a paid version where you get access to their amazing digital assets library. It counts over 1.8 million assets for free commercial use like e.g. images, video files, graphics, templates etc..

Responsive web design

Today every successful web page has to be responsive. The Elementor team has made a great job here. In the Elementor interface you can customize and adjust your web page design to be perfectly shown on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. What makes it easily is, that you get a preview of the selected mode. It shows you the front-end version where you can make the necessary adjustments until it perfectly fits the device. This is how it looks like…

Compatibility with WordPress themes

Elementor works with every WordPress theme like Ocean WP or Astra. Nevertheless, I like to use the free WordPress “Hello” theme developed by the Elementor team. Because it comes almost empty of styling, it is perfect for starting a new web page design from scratch and it performs really fast.

Elementor free vs. Elementor Pro

Both versions have their advantages, so you can decide which one is the best for you and suits your needs perfectly. You can start with the Elementor free version first and take a look. And if you love it, like I do, you will soon go for the Elementor Pro version.

Elementor Review - The final rating

“Amazing Plugin and development work of the Elementor team providing constantly upgrades, new widgets, features and templates!”

Features and widgets offered
Easy to use
Code quality
Support & Updates



I hope I could give you some helpful information and facts about Elementor.

“Please keep in mind that all information published in this review is assembled with care, for general information purposes only and presents my own personal opinion.” Disclaimer

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